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About Me | 

"When I reflect on my own life to date three themes have emerged over time; first that the experiences in my life could be seen through the archetype of the wounded healer; continually partaking in the healing of others yet remaining in a constant state of my own healing process. This notion supporting the idea that "as a prerequisite for the ability to heal others, one's own inner woundedness must be acknowledged" (Jamieson & Scherman, 2014). Second that the desire of wanting to inspire more heart, more spirit into everyday worlds of work has been a informing my work for the last ten years. And third that my continuous learning as a student in the philosophy and the application of coaching methodology enables me to be in service to people who work to support other people. This work champions and lifts up. It supports a person in  accessing their own sources of purpose, meaningfulness, integrity, alignment, self truth, soul fulfilment, self power and is a method for rejeuventing self healing.

In the world of work my qualifications are an AUT University Bachelor of Business degree (Human Resources  | Employment Relations), a Masters of Professional Business (Employment Relations), Associated Certified Coach (ACC) Renewed 2022 | International Coach Federation (ICF), a Global Certified Practitioner in The Map of Meaning for sense and meaning making, accredited in Daniel Golemans ECSI Assessment Tool, Coach Mentor and Trainer with Coaching Pacific Ltd, Te Reo Māori learner since 2018, Auckland School of Philosophy student since 2019, Allyship practitioner and Contemporary Ceremonialist (The Celebrant School 2021). In 2023 I am in learning with Thomas Huebl Truama Informed Leadership with The Pocket Project and in The Virtues Project Facilitation April 2023.


In the spiritual world of wisdom I am a Tarot reader of nineteen years, with intuitive gifts of dream visioning and as a Seer. I am a practitioner of Mindfulness meditation, a reader of all spiritual texts including A Course in Miracles since 2019 and a certified massage therapist/aesthetician for over twenty years.


I coach in alignment with the ICF Coaching Ethics & Compentences. My philosophy in coaching is to coach for what matters to my client. Often fo clients what matters is embedded in real time and lifelong meaning.  It is always IN-spired. Spiritual coaching has the heart and spirit of the person at it's centre. It provides a safe conversation container, that allows for witnessing, acknowledging and opening more to more self compassion, self-love and a heartfelt deeper understanding of ourselves so we can be out in teh world for others.  This is a place of great strength, of purpose in our lives, for our work, for our families, for our loved ones. A place that resources inner guidance, wisdom, knowing, transformation, expansion, presence, soul purpose & understanding, exploration, transition, vision, self power and in these times where change and challenge are prevalent with no real end in sight - this is the andedote.


My clients to date are across gender, ethnicity, sexuality, however they  identify as the soul of who they are. They are in different worlds and bridge many worlds too. Coaching as a methodology provides a sacred conversation that explores their typology of life, moves through a terrain of being -awareness and crafts future focused notions of how to show up aligned in the worlds they are operate in. 


“In the end these things matter most;
How well did you love?
How fully did you live?
How deeply did you let go?"

Siddhartha Gautama


"Caroline Myss states we all face experiences that reveal to us internal strengths and weaknesses, seperate from the influence of our elders. This means spiritual coaching would support in creating an identity that is apart from this notion of our tribal selves and of such thinking that hold our parents responsible for all that we are. We are more than that. And we are certainly more than our experiences too."

My Manifesto

Using an International Coach Federation (ICF) coaching framework, I work with coachees to strategically map their personal, professional and spiritual life landscapes, to understand their needs, desires & expectations. 

I co-create with you strategy and action plans that gets you from good to great great to greater in all that matters to you.

If you want to attain growth, the ability to navigate complex contexts successfully, the freedom to make and back your own decisions that affect you in your life and maintain a calm centred being throughout, then my mission is to support you powerfully towards that. Spiritual coaching deepens you into your full sense of self, changes limiting behaviours, creates a growth mindset and is the most accountable successful tool for personal professional and spiritual development.You got this - and I am here to walk with you towards what matters most.

Our Mission

My Vision

New Zealand is my country of origin and I have a Pasifika ethnic heritage. The Indigenous Māori people and culture of Aotearoa New Zealand have a beautiful and well known saying:

He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata

What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people."


And in Samoan culture the proverb:

O le fogavaʻa e tasi, One family

would explain my own vision as a person in this world contributing to my personal and spiritual life and to the work I do.

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